About Us

Herba Mix Company

Herba Mix is a unique Egyptian company in the field of medical,aromatic, and food herbs. We are distinguished by our high quality and excellent 100% organic product. We always earn the satisfaction of our customers as we believe that continuing to work is more important than any other considerations. When dealing with us, we will give you high confidence and acceptable price.
Our production lines start from drying to separation in color, we have a drying line so that we guarantee the customer that the product is microbolistically safe, This is in addition to our strict hygiene policy, the second phase is to sift the dried product through the company’s second line sifting line and processing, to exit the final stage a high quality product of 100% organic.
We care very much about Herba Mix food safety, haijin policy, because we believe that the hands of the workers that will enter the consumer’s mouth must be clean and sterile

 We have been performing the cultivation of organic herbs . No use of any pesticides or chemicals.
Herba Mix has up-to-date physical, chemical, micro sanitary and microbiology testing. ONLY WHEN the goods meets our high quality standards and client specifications are they released for export.

You can get power only by owning the raw material .Having the product at our own controlled farms and keeping an eye upon it all over production stages are our cornerstone of providing superior quality.